Monday, 9 May 2016

Waterstones Colchester – 28th May

Yes, this is the most shockingly lazy blog post I will ever write. What do you want? A free short story or something? Fine. Go here. Otherwise you have a nice poster about Waterstones Colchester and a review of a book you should definitely buy. Seriously. Buy this book.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Where Has Den Been?

You know things are bad when spammers post to your blog more than you do. I decided it was time to rectify that.

So where have you been? I hear you ask. My time has been split five ways between my day job, night school, writing and running RPGs, teaching, and having some sort of private life. You'll note there's not much fiction writing going on there, and you'll also note I'm not going to explain why. Needless to say there will be more long form projects at some point, I just can't talk about them right now.

I've been sublimating my storytelling impulses into writing roleplaying game adventures and running said adventures for friends. There's something refreshing about writing a storyline and seeing people interact with it, rather than just being along for the ride as they are for a novel. My setting of choice has been Star Wars, and Fantasy Flight do make such lovely, lovely books. Shame about the ridiculously expensive custom dice, but something something Dark Side and all that.

I've also had my first taste of teaching, sharing my limited wisdom with the fine students of Brunel University's creative writing course. I only taught three days, giving forty minute lectures and running two seminars each day. It's fair to say I was completely out of my comfort zone but muddled through. The biggest shock was that the students had not seen either Akira or Labyrinth. Good grief.

Not content to merely learn I've also been soaking up some new knowledge with an eye to becoming a psychotherapist at some point because a) apparently I hate being bored b) There's nothing quite like night school for overloading your schedule c) I really should get one sensible qualification in my lifetime.

Those of you interested in my writing need not despair. I will be at Waterstones Colchester on 28th May with the excellent Jen Williams and Ed Cox. You can find the obligatory Facebook event here. I'll be signing books, so please come and buy some, or say hello, or bring me whisky tribute.

Lastly, I'll have a short story in the the very last Jurassic London anthology. The Extinction Event will be the final chapter, so to speak, in the not for profit series run by Jared Shurin (formerly Jared and Anne C. Perry). You can read a more detailed piece on the Extinction Event here 

And that is all from me for now. Buy the ticket, take the ride, as HST would say.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Where Is Den?

The concluding part of The Erebus Sequence is released this January, on the 21st no less. I’m doing a couple of events to celebrate the publication of The Girl on the Liar’s Throne. And I’ve got company.

British Fantasy Award nominated authors Jen Williams and Ed Cox will be joining me at Blackwells, Holborn on the 19th January. We’ll have a brief discussion of Fantasy and writing from 18:30, before getting down to the time honoured tradition of signing books and drinking wine.

This is a free event, but you can sign up to Eventbrite to help the shop prepare for the number of attendees.

Keen to share out talents with the land (well, Hampshire) Jen, Ed and myself will be venturing to Forbidden Planet in Southampton on Saturday 23rd January. We'll be signing from 13:00 until 14:00.

Again, this is a free event, so come along and grab signed books from all three of us while we escape the confines of London.

Fear not if you are unable to join me at these events, as I'll be at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on the 12th February with a stellar line up of new and established talent. Marc J Turner, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Pete Newman and myself will be signing books from 18:00 - 19:00.

Please spare a thought for the book shops who go to so much effort to provide these events. The best way you can say thank you is to buy books in the store on the night of the event.

If you’re late to the party (fashionably or otherwise) don’t despair. The first two books of The Erebus Sequence have already been released.

The Boy with the Porcelain Blade has been described as ‘a solid and brilliant book with a unique and engaging voice’ by Starburst Magazine.

The second book, The Boy Who Wept Blood, garnered attention from the Morning Star who wrote ‘this engrossing story of political intrigue, swordplay and hidden horrors has a truly distinctive flavour'. 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

FantasyCon2015 – Where To Find Me

I'll be attending FantasyCon 2015 this year up in Nottingham.

Here are the panels I'm on and where to find me:

Room: Conference Theatre
Friday 8.00pm Doing ‘It’ Right: Love, Romance & Sexy Times
Why are we often so reticent about love in genre fiction? Conversely sex seems to be everywhere, often done badly. How do we show love in a better light and balance plot tension with sexual tension? Warning: adult references (& childish innuendo)
  • the perfect sex scene: making up making out/making love
  • a matter of taste: where are the ‘no-go’ areas?
  • is love undervalued as a character motivation?
  • how can our characters express their feelings without mawkishness?
  • diversity and sexuality in genre fiction: what works and what doesn’t?
  • are ‘romance’ and ‘conflict’ mutually exclusive terms?
  • finding the right words: choosing appropriate vernacular
Moderator: Den Patrick
Panellists: Hal Duncan, Cassandra Khaw, Kim Lakin-Smith, Foz Meadows

Room: Conference Theatre
Saturday 4.00pm Here Be Dragons: How Can Epic Fantasy Reinvent Itself?
The success of Game of Thrones has thrown a spotlight on epic fantasy, but what does it reveal–a genre of originality or one that is becoming a parody of itself? Our panel of warriors, wizards, paladins and thieves considers the tropes of the genre:
  • 50 shades of grim: darker, grittier, grimmer, longer. . .always?
  • the young hero, the older mentor, the evil wizard, the rogueish sidekick: archetypes or stereotypes?
  • what is diversity bringing to this sub-genre?
How ‘epic’ can fantasy get before it eats itself?
Moderator: Gillian Redfearn
Panellists: Bradley Beaulieu, Den Patrick, Brandon Sanderson, Marc Turner, Jen Williams

Room: Suite 2
Saturday 7.00pm Super Relaxed Fantasy Club
till 9.00pm. A FantasyCon special edition of the monthly genre-fic social gathering, featuring the usual blend of readings, author Q&A and drinks. Hosted by Den Patrick and Jen Williams. Guest authors: Kim Lakin-Smith, Adrian Tchaikovsky

I hope to see some of you there. Please grab me if you want any books signed, don’t be shy.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Gollancz Fest 2015

They say a picture says a thousand words, although I'm pretty sure they didn't mean promotional posters when they said it. Here's what I'm doing for the much anticipated Gollancz Fest at Waterstones Piccadilly and the Prince Charles Cinema.