Monday, 11 April 2011


Hello, you’ve not met me before but I’m a big fan of yours. Yes, really. That thing you did with the Scrabble pieces and electrical current was incredible.
Oh, we have met before. At a party? Who’s party?
Ah, perhaps I was gatecrashing. Forgive me, I was probably drunk. Did I do anything embarrassing?
Anything else apart from that?

Anyway! This is my new blog. Welcome. I used to have a blog with a really silly name that was lots fun, but then I decided to part ways with it. This is me being grown up. Look, it has a sensible name and everything.

I can’t promise you I’ll stick to any given mission statement for longer than a week because I’m like a goldfish with ADHD. What I can promise are odd bits of writing, me being enthusiastic about music, books, cinema, comics & culture, and possibly the occasional rant or whinge, but I’ll keep that to a minimum.


So, show me the thing with the Scrabble pieces again. Oh, go on. I’ll buy you a pint.

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