Monday, 23 May 2011

Gentleman Geek – The Online Geek

After writing the Gentleman Geek – Geek About Town post I was left with a few points. Here are some thoughts on furthering Geek-kind, I present The Online Geek. As ever, never rules, merely guides.

The Online Geek

1. When writing or commenting on the internet, re-read your response. Cutting and pasting into Word and running a spell check is no bad thing. Then re-read to check that your response adds something to the interaction.

2. Sometimes not commenting online is the better part of valour.

3. Keep Tweets light and upbeat. Maintain an air of mystery. This can also be applied to Facebook status updates. If people require drama they can watch soap operas.

4. Never ask to be re-Tweeted. Let your followers exercise their own judgement as to what is re-Tweet-worthy.

5. When online it is easy to be overfamiliar, especially with objects of love & lust. Be wary of the lines between being flirtatious, charming and wildly inappropriate. They are easily crossed.

6. Sarcasm does not translate well online. You may think that Tweet was hilarious, but many might think you obtuse.

7. Never write something online you wouldn't have the audacity or chutzpah to say to someone’s face. The various Geek sub cultures are small communities and you never know when you might run into someone you ran down on a message board.

8. If you’re going to be angry, make sure you’re funny and angry, lest people assume you’ve forgotten your meds.

9. When creating blog posts make sure you can defend the points you raise and explain them clearly. Be contentious by all means, just think it through first.

10. If sending a profile picture to a lady, try and keep it above the waist, chaps. Whilst you may secretly wish for said beauty to send you a picture of her regions, you can be assured she probably doesn’t feel the same way.

I don’t profess to have adhered to these guides. In fact many of them are a direct response of my very own Geek Failures (sometimes Epic). I include them so others may learn from my mistakes.


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