Monday, 15 August 2011

The Week In Geek

Congratulations to Tom Hunter at the Arthur C. Clarke Award and my confederates at Pornokitsch for luring the lovely Lauren Beukes to the British Library for a quick reading and talk before she jetted off to the US of A.

Lauren was on hand to sign copies of her books Moxyland and the award winning Zoo City. Despite jetting in from South Africa that very morning she was on good form and mingled with the fifty-odd attendees in the courtyard outside the British Library after the reading.

Also present were Adam Christopher, (soon to be published by Angry Robot), and Tom Pollock (soon to be published by Jo Fletcher Books) . It was a veritable who’s who of soon-to-be published authors.

There was also some excited whispering and mumbling about a ‘Project Panda’, which I’m deeply pleased to be a part of. More details on this soon...

Find out more about John Martin’s Apocalyptic art here.

A great deal of my week has been taken up with writing. Work is progressing on The Boy With The Porcelain Ears. I’ll spare you the details on word counts, suffice to say there’s been a whole lot of sword fights, intrigue, unrequited lust and unsettling deformity going on in my brain, and at my fingertips. You can read the first two chapters of Porcelain here.

I’d be remiss for not acknowledging the massive social disturbance that rocked London last week. There have been reams and realms of comment on the subject and I’ll spare you mine, especially when Laurie Penny does such a great job of it here. And she’s much more articulate about this sort of thing than I’ll ever be.

Until next time.


  1. Didn't realise you were contributing to project 'Panda' as well. Even better :)

  2. Hey Erik,
    Thanks. I hope my story entertains... I'm working on some revisions right now. Good to meet you on Saturday. Sorry I couldn't stick around and chat more.

  3. Good to meet you too. No worries, I left before you did anyway. Do you have any short stories published somewhere on your blog? Maybe I read one the other day about a rifle being tested...

  4. Here it is: