Monday, 3 October 2011

The First Draft

I’m pleased to announce the birth of a brand new baby novel. The bundle of joy was born on 2nd October 2011 and weighed eighty-two thousand words. It was an immaculate conception and I’m the daddy, so to speak. It’s currently called Porcelain, but who knows what it will end up being called, possibly Jimmy. Or Baz.

More seriously. I started this back in March with an idea for a title, a desire to have a very big castle central to the plot, and no magic in the novel. Being unemployed for six months was key to the rate of productivity. I’m still in awe of writers like Mark Charan Newton, who have a day job, write after work, and still find time to grow vegetables.

I’m trying to stay realistic. This is only the second novel I’ve completed and it may well be atrocious. It might be unmarketable (a massive concern for publishers in these cash-strapped times) and not fit any of the pre-conceived sub categories that we genre fans love to pigeon hole novels in. I keep tentatively saying the words ‘Gothic Weird’ but then the glass shatters on my Pretension-ometer and I fall off my chair laughing at myself.

So what happens now? I hear you ask. Well, nothing. At this stage a writer is encouraged to put the manuscript to one side for as long as they can bear and come back to it when they’re not so close to the text. Porcelain will likely not be touched until next year. The best thing I can do now is crack on with something else, preferably unrelated.

The main thing is (and this is important for any newbie/wannabe writer) that I had a ton of fun. Inventing characters, describing locales, planning fight scenes, trying to make jokes ‘funny’ all present unique challenges and I look forward to seeing how well I did (or how badly) when I read through.
You can read the first two chapters of Porcelain HERE 


  1. Sir,

    It has been brought to my attention that this 'manuscript' you refer to is likely to be what my cruder operatives refer to as 'f*cking awesome'.

    You are to be congratulated. We await further developments. Please be advised, alcoholic drinks to follow as appropriate.

    Yours &C

  2. Booze you say? Booze? Whence doth the booze commence, sir?

  3. You forgot 'and drinks lots of whisky'.

    I think the more things you pile on, the more efficient you become. Days where I've got not much to do, I can easily waste online.

    Deadlines help, too. Fingers crossed you get some of those.