Monday, 2 January 2012

The New Years Honours List

Twice a year the monarch of our fair isle announces honours for outstanding service, bravery, merit and achievement. Seeing as I rule this small corner of the Internet I decided it was time to get in on the action, and so I give you The Republic of Den New Year’s Honours List*.

Orders of Chivalry

My good friends Jon and David saw fit to bestow upon me a laptop when I was made redundant back in February.  With said laptop I was able to look for jobs (and not have to watch daytime television). Not only did I do that but I also wrote huge amounts on the lovely machine they gave me. These two chaps are on Twitter as @DavidBryher and @Morganised respectively.

They are awarded the The Distinguished Internet Service Provider Order (DISPO) for their help in a time of dire need.

Anne Perry (Or Anne C. Perry as she’s known these days) receives The Republic Service Order (RSO) for continued faithful service. Namely hammering my drafts into legible short stories over the course of the year. She’s also provided constant encouragement and challenged me to really take my game to the next level this year (that game being Munchkin now you ask). Anne is one quarter of the Kitschies Science Fiction Award panel and you can find her on Twitter as @thefingersofgod

Jared Shurin is man that makes things happen simply by being in the same post code. He’s a veritable nexus of drive and ideas. He’s also ridiculously good company and always buys me beer when I’m impoverished. Anne and Jared invited me to be part of their Pandemonium projects for Jurassic publishing; a huge compliment. Jared is also a quarter of the Kitschies Science Fiction Award panel. Find him on Twitter as @pornokitsch
Jared is awarded The Order of Den Patrick (ODP). 


James Long from Orbit Books has a been a consistently interesting conversationalist and fellow lover of all things genre. He also rocks the skinny tie look, which a is a mode of dress close to my heart. He is awarded the The Order of the Mass Market Paperback. You can find James on Twitter as @SpecHorizons

Tom Pollock (Yes, he of the three book deal with Quercus no less) has been great sounding board through out the year on all topics, but mainly those to do with writing. He’s generously provided encouragement, made suggestions and shared insights with me. He is awarded The Distinguished Gentleman Cross. Tom is on Twitter as @tomhpollock 

Sennheiser headphones are also worthy of mentioning due to their valuable contribution to beats, noise and distortion.

Recognition for contributions to the arts (namely on aforementioned headphones) go to Holy Other, Moderat and Nest.

In short, I just wanted to say ‘thanks’ to my friends for seeing me through a tough year. ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’ would be a fair summary. A year where I was kicked out of my comics job but found real solace in the thing I love – writing. However writing is a lonely business and you need to stock up on good people to go and hang out with. You also need feedback for manuscripts from folks you can trust, which I am blessed with an abundance of.

*The Republic of Den is currently a virtual state.


  1. I would also like to add my thanks to all the lovely people that helped you in 2011. You are blessed with very good friends my son. x

  2. What an extraordinary honor! Thank you very much - I shall wear my badge with pride.

  3. Wooo! I'm taking up fox hunting in 2012!

  4. Does this mean I get to become a Lady now when I marry my distinguished gentleman?

  5. *Puffs chest out with pride* This is *so* much more awesome than anything else I've ever been awarded (i.e. a £5 book token I won for that picture of a tadpole I painted at school when I was 8, but still.) Thanks dude!