Monday, 25 June 2012

Lovely Bloodflow – Baths

Sometimes a piece of music comes along that's just unhinged enough to render me completely immobile. Rarely does a piece of music (the same piece of music in this case) have a video that might have been lifted from my sleeping brain. 'Lovely Bloodflow' is precisely that song.

Baths, otherwise known as Will Weisenfeld, released the album Cerulean back in 2010, but I return to this track time and again. Also worthy of note from the same album is the sunshine cuteness of 'Aminals' (not a typo, I assure you) and the more introspective 'Rain Smell'.

I have no idea what the narrative of the video is, which makes it all the more dream-like to my mind. Dying samurai, capricious woodland spirits and lush, verdant visuals are more than enough compensation.

Watch full screen in a quiet, darkened room for the full haunted, stumbling brilliance.

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