Monday, 23 July 2012

Fiction Uncovered Podcast

I was on the radio with Fiction Uncovered a few weeks back. I was a guest along with John Berlyne from the Zeno Agency and Bella Pagan, Senior Commisioning Editor for Tor. Not intimidating at all.  So intimdating in fact I forget to say who I am during the introductions. *Facepalm*.

Check it out here. We're the seventeenth podcast down.

The topic was 'Advice for Aspiring Writers of Sci-Fi', although I was very much there in Bookseller mode, as opposed to my recent incarnation as signed writer.

Note: This was before the announcement of my deal with Gollancz, so I'm not being coy, I was just keeping that particular cat in the bag. No cats were hurt during the recording of this radio program, it was just a figure of speech. I have no idea where I got my accent from if you're wondering. Probably a cereal packet.

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