Thursday, 12 July 2012

On Social Media

My Xbox Live alter ego
 is TobiasMourn.
We live in linked in times. Social media is the digital glue that holds the world together. It’s also the platform for endless snark and possible Life Fail. I’m a private person by nature, my dirty laundry stays in the basket, my meltdowns occur in padded rooms. As such I’ve made the decision to make my Facebook account a ‘Close Friends and Family’ affair. 

If you want a 24/7 fill of my wry wisdom I suggest you follow my Twitter account. I will stun you with inane babbling about the spice melange and the Tyrell Corporation. I also surface on Google+ very occasionally. And there is this blog, which serves as my own wee soap box to the world. It has a comments section and I will always reply, although I can’t guarantee how timely the responses will be.

So, in short, don’t be offended if I don’t accept your Friend request on Facebook, it’s nothing personal.

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