Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Achievement Unlocked – Vive La France

So, I’ve been cleared to share this nugget of information with you by Dark Lord Sir Spanton of Gollancz. Yes, it’s official. I am invading France. I may even rename it when I’m done. The Republic of Den is looking good. Or Doris. I haven’t decided which. All the pain au chocolat are mine incidentally. So no looting before I get there.

What I actually mean is that The War Manuals have been bought by the French company Le Livre do Poche for release next year (2013). These three mighty tomes are due for release in the UK in autumn, which still seems a horribly long way away.

It’s quite a strange feeling to know something you’ve written will be translated into a language you can barely understand (I was top set for French at school, but that was a long time ago). I’m hoping I’ll finally have the opportunity to visit Paris, once the books start selling.

Thanks to everyone at Gollancz who clearly worked very hard at the Frankfurt Book Fair, and also to my agent, Juliet Mushens, for sorting out the fine print.

Allez, allez, allez! (Seriously, that’s all the French I know anymore. Tragic)


  1. Congratulations!

    Or should that be félicitations?

  2. Desolé can be a useful word for Brits inFrance, it means "Sorry" - as in, I am sorry you have not read my book yet, because it is totallement le awesomesauce. Achetez a copy immediatement! That sort of thing. Congrats!