Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Welcome to the Big Leagues

I’m delighted to share the news that I have signed with Gollancz for a fantasy trilogy. The first novel is called The Boy with the Porcelain Ears and follows the fates of Lucien ‘Sinistro’ Di Fontein as he attempts to find his place among the nobility. Each book will centre on a different protagonist, telling a story set within (and often around) the sprawling edifice of Demesne.

The first three books are called The Erebus Sequence, with each novel focusing on the Orfano; deformed orphans left on the steps of the Great Houses. Each Orfano will be set against the internecine politicking of the nobles and a deeper corruption, reaching back hundreds of years.

"Deputy publishing director Simon Spanton bought world rights in the three books from Juliet Mushens at The Agency Group, in her first deal for the new UK literary division at the agency." – The Bookseller

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my test readers, Matt Rowan, Lizzie Barratt and particularly Matt Lyons. Juliet worked very hard during the structural and line edit, turning a book I was pleased with into a book I’m proud of. I’d also like to thank Tom Pollock for various advice along the way.


  1. Hell yes! That's utterly, utterly brilliant news. Well done, sir :-))

  2. Amazing news Den - Congratulations. :D

  3. You. Go you. You're a star.