Saturday, 27 July 2013

Release Dates

The time is upon us, where I unleash my unholy progeny upon the world. Or failing that Amazon and the three bookshops still open in the UK. Here’s what they are and when they’re out:

The Orc War-Fighting Manual – the first of the three manuals, full of tips on how conduct warfare in true green-skinned fashion. Not the faint of heart or vegetarians. This tome is illustrated by the rather excellent Andrew James and is presented as an instructional volume on the finer points of orc warfare.

Released: 15 August – buy it  HERE

The Elves War-Fighting Manual – the second of the three manuals. Details everything you need to know about being an otherworldly, aloof and unrepentantly superior enlightened being. Also some fighting. Illustrations provided by Andrew James.

Released: 19 September – buy it HERE

Dwarves War-Fighting Manual – because one excludes the dwarves at one’s peril. The last of the instructional manuals set in the world of Naer Evain. Each volume comes with an account of a historical battle. Illustrations again by the superb Andrew James.

Released: 17 October – buy it HERE

You’d think after writing all that I’d be dead on my feet, so what better than a short story anthology about Egyptian Mummies?

Jurassic have a formed a partnership with the Egypt Exploration Society. Here’s what editor of The Book of the Dead, Jared Shurin, has to say about it:

“This is a dream come true. Although the opportunity to go poking around in forbidden tombs has always been (wisely) denied me, thanks to all these fantastic authors and the EES, I still get a chance to unleash some ancient evils on the world.

“I’m delighted by how the themes of the mummy have been brought to life (pun intended) by the stories in this volume—not only brilliant tales of both revenge and romance, but also explorations of race and imperialism, immortality and humanity.”

Read the whole press release HERE

Released late: Late October

If you just can't wait that long you might enjoy Piracy from Fox Spirit Books. This anthology features a fleet of tales from a crew of scurvy dogs. My own story charts the fortunes of the Absent Friend and her crew, who run afoul of greed (and sea witches).

Released: Now – buy it HERE for Kindle or a physical copy HERE.

And that is just part of why I’ve not been blogging so much lately. I’m sure I’ll bore you to death with a half-arsed album review at some point. 

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