Thursday, 15 August 2013

Publication Day – The Orc War Fighting Manual

The orcs are here with their own brand of mayhem, lovingly (painstakingly?) translated by Sebastian Venghaus. This is the first of three War Fighting Manuals, illustrated by the super talented Andrew James, set in the High Fantasy world of Naer Evain.

Not the most vegetarian-friendly book
 I've ever written to be fair.
A few words of thanks:

Everyone at Gollancz and Orion – particularly Simon Spanton, Gillian Redfearn, Charlie Panayiotou and Jon Weir.

Supportive writer types – Tom Pollock, Kim Curran, Jen Williams, Will Hill, and all of the London gang. Also: James Dawson who helped me get unstuck during the dwarf book.

Supportive awesome types – Jared Shurin, Anne Perry, James Long and J for Jetpack, all at Fantasy Faction, Juliet Mushens, and Matt Rowan.

I remain incredibly grateful to Jon and David for the lap top.

And if you’re wondering when the launch party will be – October, to coincide with the dwarf book. See you then.