Monday, 20 January 2014

Hibernation Ends

I’m slowly firing up the furnace and getting back to some productivity. After working flat out for the duration of last year I fell into a suitably lazy Christmas period coma. Hibernation has now ended and I’m trying to determine how 2014 is going to work, how I am going to work, and where I am going to work. At first glance it seems to be: editing, publicity, more editing, a few conventions and some brand new writing later this year.

I’ve been writing short stories for some small press the last two weeks. More on this soon. I like writing short stories as they provide a creative palate cleanser. As much as I love writing the Landfall books it’s always possible to have too much of a good thing. Today saw the start of edits on book II of The Erebus Sequence, so the palate cleansing is officially over and we’re back to the main course.

I leave you with this slab of dirty, ass-shakin’ music, which I discovered by way of Bonobo’s Late Night Tales compilation. The track is by Romare from the Meditations on Afrocenturism Ep. I’ve been fascinated by it as it subtly shifts between three movements (discounting the half minute intro). The sort of track that makes me want to buy some skate shoes and baggy combats and throw some ridiculous shapes with my eyes closed.