Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Boy Who Wrote Blog Posts

I wrote some pieces to celebrate the launch of The Boy who Wept Blood recently. I'm gathering them together for my own amusement. I figure I've written them so I may as well curate the links.

I wrote for Sci Fi Now magazine on class in Fantasy and The Erebus Sequence.

Meanwhile, I put forward why we need more diversity in genre (and indeed, everywhere), over at We Love This Book.

I witter on in my usual scattershot style at the Gollancz blog and the fine folk of Forbidden Planet put me to the question. And what questions they were.

The first batch of reviews have also been published.

The Eloquent Page says 'Patrick firmly establishes his well-deserved place as part of new breed of UK based fantasy authors.' (No pressure for book three then)

Over the Effing Rainbow declares that 'Maybe February is early days for saying this, but to hell with it. I just found one of my favourite fantasy books of 2015.'

And as if that wasn't high praise enough, Upcoming4Me says 'It is all that a sequel should be – it is bigger, bolder and cleverer. Readers who like their fantasy intelligent and historical shouldn't miss this one.

I couldn't have hoped for a warmer reception in the week following publication and I'm grateful to all the reviewers who took the time to read The Boy who Wept Blood.


  1. Any plans for a hardcover UK format of The Boy who wept Blood?

  2. Sorry for the late reply Paul. Alas, hardback sales are a fickle market and the powers that be decided that The Boy Who Wept Blood would be released in trade paperback and mass market paperback formats only.