Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Super Relaxed Fantasy Club – 29th May

A few years ago now Jen Williams and myself set up an informal genre night. We started out at the Royal Festival Hall because public spaces are free and they serve booze there. The booze is very important you understand. If I recall, we had something like twelve people that first night, which quickly became a regular twenty and then thirty. We couldn't believe it, and better yet we slowly built up a great list of authors to read and hold Q&As. Tom Pollock, Emma Trevayne, Will Hill, Zen Cho, Sophia McDougall and Jen and myself all read at those early meet ups.

The night continued to grow, moved venue, attracted more authors and became a regular fixture in the genre community calendar. My recent night school commitments and the ongoing pressures of writing a new series meant I had to step back from organizing the event.

This is all a rather long-winded way of telling you I'll be reading from my new book, Witchsign, on the 29th May. The venue is Titan House, 144 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0UP. Super Relaxed Fantasy Club (or SRFC for short) always has two to three readers and I'm delighted to say none other than Jen Williams will also be reading from The Bitter Twins.

Ally Wybrew at Fantasy Book Review writes: 'Patrick's combination of a vast, well-built world with an adventurous and exciting fantasy tale makes Witchsign an accomplished and engaging novel that sets a high bar for what promises to be an extremely enjoyable trilogy.'

You can read the whole review HERE.

See you all on the 29th May (I hope!)

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