About Den

Photography by Lou Abercrombie
I was born in Dorset and share a birthday with Bram Stoker. I live and work in London, dividing my time between reading books and writing them.

The War-Fighting Manuals were released in August, September and October of 2013. They are published by Gollancz in the UK and Livres de Poche in France.

The world rights for my Fantasy trilogy, The Erebus Sequence, were bought by Gollancz. 

The first book, The Boy with the Porcelain Blade, was released in March 2014, with the sequel The Boy Who Wept Blood released in January 2015. The last book, 
The Girl on the Liar's Throne was released January 2016.

The audio rights for The Erebus Sequence have been sold to Audible.

A full list of my work can be found on my Amazon page.

I'm free for talks, readings and general mischief.

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